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<—— Feel like this?

Teenager: WE KNOW! And so do your parents. And there was a time they felt like this, too. Somehow as we age, we tend to lose sight of how important a job being a teenager is. We lose connection with you when we try to put you into the shoes we wore when we were you age. Life has evolved. We get that. TEEN DIMENSIONS is a group just for girls age 12y-18y that focuses on your life, your issues, and the things that make YOU happy - not mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, teachers. We explore your ideas about life and help you get past any stuck points. Join us Friday evenings 5p-6p for an hour of it being just about you.

Parents: Raising teenagers today can be tough! We get it. Teen Dimensions is designed to support both you and your teen girl. It’s a space to let them share the crazy of their week and learn productive ways to navigate the issues they struggle with. Too, it’s a safe place to share the things that only today’s teen girl might find important and help them understand their lives matter. While we teach them new perspectives of their own lives, we also help them develop an understanding of what it means to be a parent in today’s culture. Learning how to show empathy, understanding, and compassion for the world at large is key to living a full, meaningful life.

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Family Therapy

Family therapy! Most want to run screaming from the room when it comes to bringing together a whole family who hope to find peace somewhere, anywhere. Navigating many people and many personalities can be daunting, at best, and crippling, at worst. Our team is seasoned, mature, and gets today’s modern family.

  • Are your teens stationed permanently in their bedroom suites at your house?

  • Are you pulling your hair out over the latest report card?

  • Is the school calling or emailing?

  • Or worse, NOT calling or emailing?

  • Sad that dinner at the table never happens because yet again the 347 was backed up on the way home from work?

  • Do you suffer because you think somehow your choices have caused the angst in the family?

  • Does your heart want to be a Rock Star Parent?

  • Feeling heavy of heart? Yep, we get it. And we can help.

The focus of our family therapies is to teach everyone to hear each other, communicate well, and learn to live in each other’s shoes. Life sucks, sometimes, and having a solid family team to come home to each day can be what stabilizes the family for years to come - and the gift of a changed life trajectory for your next generation. Understanding everyone’s communication style and love language is a good way to start mending hearts and moving toward a fun family.

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Our Therapies

There are all kinds of therapies and we probably have them all, but whether you are here for depression, anxiety, PTSD, or trying to find out how to deal with a stinky roommate, you’ll know at least this one thing: you are supported in a positive environment. When you’re here, we are only interested in you and how we can help you reach your fullest potential.

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Our Groups

What’s one of the unexpected best things about joining a group? We find out we are not alone. While it’s true that each of us is unique and may have unique circumstances, none of us is alone in our struggles. Processing with others in a group designed to address similar issues helps us gain perspectives we never saw before and see how others are making changes in their own lives.

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and More

Sometimes we find, or are about to find, ourselves on the wrong side of the law due to our behaviors. MBHS has individual and group therapies created specifically to help you navigate the Arizona court system. Whether you’ve been convicted of a crime, or just want to change your behaviors, we have a kick-ass non-judgmental program for you.

Individual Counseling

Children’s Services

Personal Coaching

Youth Empowerment

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Medication Management

Trauma Therapies

Partner Counseling

Family Therapy

Spiritual Counseling

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