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individual counseling

Our individual therapies focus on the issues you share with us and then collaborate with you toward a goal-oriented solution. We believe this process can be brief, but are ready to spend as much time as you need to reach success. Our goal is to challenge any area of your life that is not serving you and encourage you to try new things. Understanding where you are in your current stage of change is important and we will guide you to focus on your goals so you don’t lose sight of what you want.

We have a talented team who can provide Cognitive Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Trauma therapy. Most sessions last 50 minutes, but can be as long as 90 minutes. After you initial appointment, you are paired with a counselor who we feel has the greatest potential to help you reach your goals. And, of course, we honor you and you have the final say.


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family therapy

Family therapy! Most want to run screaming from the room when it comes to bringing together a whole family who hope to find peace somewhere, anywhere. Navigating many people and many personalities can be daunting, at best, and crippling, at worst. Our team is seasoned, mature, and gets today’s modern family.

  • Are your teens stationed permanently in their bedroom suites at your house?

  • Are you pulling your hair out over the latest report card?

  • Is the school calling or emailing?

  • Or worse, NOT calling or emailing?

  • Sad that dinner at the table never happens because yet again the 347 was backed up on the way home from work?

  • Do you suffer because you think somehow your choices have caused the angst in the family?

  • Feeling heavy of heart? Yep, we get it. And we can help.

The focus of our family therapies is to teach everyone to hear each other, communicate well, and learn to live in each other’s shoes. Life sucks, sometimes, and having a solid family team to come home to each day can be what stabilizes the family for years to come - and the gift of a changed life trajectory for your next generation. Understanding everyone’s communication style and love language is a good way to start mending hearts and moving toward a fun family.


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youth empowerment

The chief concern we hear from today’s parents is that their teenagers spend too much time in their bedrooms with social media and video games.

Second to that is a loss of interest in school.

How do we know whether our teens are in a natural evolution of life or if they are struggling with low self-esteem, depression, or anxiety?

We admit - it can be tricky.

What we do know is that our teenagers, YOUR teenager, can benefit from having a third party advocate, someone not tied to the drama going on at home or at school. Someone trained in spotting depression, anxiety, signs of drug use and can create a plan of action to help the teen begin a more productive life. Someone, also, who can help parents navigate the highs and lows of a generational gap. Our young adults today are preparing for a future that will last long after we are gone. It is our responsibility as the adults in their lives to reassure them they are strong, capable, people and empower them to succeed in their lives regardless of what it looks like to us “old” people.


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children’s services

What is there to do when you realize your child might need some help?

Or when the school calls - again - asking for your advice on how to handle your little and you are also scratching your head in wonder.

We have not one, but two, rock star therapists who love to play and get into the behaviors of your child. We assess for depression and anxiety and have medical referrals in case of ADHD or other issues that may get in the way of school success. Once a game plan is in place, the therapists use play, art, talking, and reasoning to engage your child in behavior change.

We always work toward a unified family dynamic and will include all family members, when needed.

Watching your child grow and blossom at school is important to us.


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medication management