Partner Counseling

Whether we are committed for a season or forever, partnering up to do life with someone can be a bit crazy at times.

Is it the simple things like trash, too much Facebook, or the toilet seat that has you at odds?

Or the bigger issues like money, kids, careers, and nosey extended family members?

Bigger yet - have betrayals happened that your relationship may not survive?

We wish we could tell you we have all the answers and therapies you need to create and keep a happy relationship.

You know, the one you grew up believing existed. But doesn’t. Or….maybe does?

What we can tell you, is that you are not alone and everyone can benefit from having a helper outside the relationship. Someone to talk out the differences with and gain different perspectives.

Regardless of how you define your relationship - Christian marriage, long-term lover, or just a stinky roommate - we have someone who can work with you to find solutions to what’s causing angst in your home and create the peace you are looking for.