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Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is becoming more and more important in many people’s lives, particularly as research continues to support the need for a healthy mind-body-spirit connection. We love the spirit connection and will talk about any spiritual practice you already enjoy or want to learn more about.

Why would I need spiritual counseling?

  • when existing beliefs no longer make sense to me

  • to learn about the mind-body-spirit connection

  • to break free from harmful behavior practices

  • when I think my therapeutic issues might be spiritual in nature

  • to learn different spiritual modalities and how I might apply them to my life

  • to talk about and explore my own favorite practice or wanna be favorite practice

At Maricopa Behavioral Health Services, we believe everyone is on their own pathway to peace. Therefore, all team members bring open minds and open hearts to your sessions. We will meet you where you are at and help you gain an understanding of your own, unique spiritual nature.

If you carry specific hurts or wounds you would like help sorting out, Mia Holden is a trained Christian spiritual counselor who can help you reach a place of peace.