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<—— Feel like this?

Teenager: WE KNOW! And so do your parents. And there was a time they felt like this, too. Somehow as we age, we tend to lose sight of how important a job being a teenager is. We lose connection with you when we try to put you into the shoes we wore when we were you age. Life has evolved. We get that. TEEN DIMENSIONS is a group just for girls age 12y-18y that focuses on your life, your issues, and the things that make YOU happy - not mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, teachers. We explore your ideas about life and help you get past any stuck points. Join us Friday evenings 5p-6p for an hour of it being just about you.

Parents: Raising teenagers today can be tough! We get it. Teen Dimensions is designed to support both you and your teen girl. It’s a space to let them share the crazy of their week and learn productive ways to navigate the issues they struggle with. Too, it’s a safe place to share the things that only today’s teen girl might find important and help them understand their lives matter. While we teach them new perspectives of their own lives, we also help them develop an understanding of what it means to be a parent in today’s culture. Learning how to show empathy, understanding, and compassion for the world at large is key to living a full, meaningful life.