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Youth Empowerment

The chief concern we hear from today’s parents is that their teenagers spend too much time in their bedrooms with social media and video games.

Second to that is a loss of interest in school.

How do we know whether our teens are in a natural evolution of life or if they are struggling with low self-esteem, depression, or anxiety?

We admit - it can be tricky.

What we do know is that our teenagers, YOUR teenager, can benefit from having a third party advocate, someone not tied to the drama going on at home or at school. An advocate trained in spotting depression, anxiety, signs of drug use and who can create a plan of action to help your teen begin a more productive life. Someone, also, who can help parents navigate the highs and lows of a generational gap. Our young adults today are preparing for a future that will last long after we are gone. It is our responsibility as the adults in their lives to reassure them they are strong, capable, people and empower them to succeed in their lives regardless of what it looks like to us “old” people.